19th Century Humanities

Idea Page



1)      A) Which main topic does the artifact relate to? In what ways?
          This artifact is related to Universe through a Telescope because I deliberately made a research and did an idea page for this certain topic. The discovery of light and its speed also leads to the relation to this topic.

         B) Which other main topics does it also relate to?
          This can also relate to invention, ingenuity, and entrepreneurs because the enhancement of how telescopes are used distributes to the original invention of the telescope in the 1600s.

2) Why did you choose this artifact, and how much time did you spend creating and/ or processing it?
     I chose this artifact because idea pages can make clearly of all discoveries made in certain time periods. It can also provide detailed information about things that telescope needed to be explained due to its complicated structure. I spent 3 to 4 hours creating this idea page and researching about the topic. 

3) What insights and understanding have you gained from the creation and/or processing of this artifact?
    This artifact made me understand how far scientists are when discovering things like the light speed, which adds in to more calculation and equations for us to memorize in the future.
4) Does this artifact reflect your best work and/or ideas? Why, or why not?
      This artifact reflects my best work because it allows me to share my ideas through language writing and also allows be to actually put factual information while giving credit to where the source came from. 

5) Rate this artifact on a scale of -5 to 5 for the following 4 criterion:   
            A) impact on the quality of your portfolio                          3   
            B) Impact on your level of happiness/enjoyment                2   
            C) impact on your learning                                               2   
            D) Level of creativity and originality                                 2
6) Any additional comments.