19th Century Humanities
      The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 and the Anglo-Boer War of 1899 saw the British Empire engaged in two of its most bitter struggles of the Victorian age.History was made at well preserved battlefields where Boer, British and Zulu forces clashed. And here we stand in the African sun on the battlefields of Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift, Ladysmith, Spion Kop, Elandslaagte, Colenso, Chieveley, Talana and Majuba, battlefields.


     Two years ago, I had my own slave. "It was the best of the times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us." The period was so far like the present period, as I am now doused in my own sweat, which is dripping onto the dry ground as the sun shone radiantly on my back while I focused on harvesting. 

     Two British men passed by.
     "How should we transport the goods then? Shouldn't we find a closer route?"
     "Yes, yes. Indeed, a closer route would be ideal."
      The British men have took away all our slaves, and it made us extremely hard to tend the cash crops without any help, which is why my guts has been filled with hatred towards the British. Cape Town used to be a lovely place, but now it has become a torture. In the northeast lies the Vaal River and it is said that the moronic reign hasn't infected that area much yet; given with this tiny detail, I moved out. 
     One day, as I was walking down the Orange River to fetch some water supplies, I discovered a vibrantly shining rock that prickled in my eyes as I picked it up. The rock laid there on my hands as my eyes behold on the delicate patterns. I took it home and revealed my discovery to my neighbors. Overwhelmed with the excitement I caused, people swarmed towards the Orange River, to where I came back from. I explained that I had found these so -called "diamonds" in the middle of our dwellings and Cape colonies, but people acted nonchalant and continue crowding over the diamond. 

     Three years later, rumors were passed around that many people who settled around the region where diamonds are located. People craved for wealth and luxury, but it is a fairly dangerous region. I believed that our Transvaal will be forever with diamonds, though apparently, the British didn't think so.

     For generations, we Boers have been aware of British's imperialism in southern Africa, as if they wanted to take control of every part of it, and now, we are their main opponents. At first, we took control of the Transvaal and ha d set up the Orange Free State. Furthermore, the diamonds discovered made the land even richer. Of course, it was our territory that the diamonds landed in, but British insisted that it laid in their nation's territory. Certain people in my neighbours had major role in provoking the war. One of the person we Boers despised the most was Sir Alfred Milner. He strongly opposed our decisions, even though he was supposed to be a peacemaker, he sparked the war between us and the British. There was a "Jameson Raid" led by Dr. Jameson with 500 of his brutal men into our territory, but it failed because evidently we have a stronger team of armies, and the British fortunately ended up being captured and killed, and eventually, the tyrant of our land, President Kruger, had to be kicked out of his position.


      At Rorke's Drift, we marched onto the Zululand. The war, Isandlwana began on January 11, 1879. Lord Chelmsford was quite confident that we will win the war against the Zulus, and so was I. I believed that we will strive to be in a position where we can knock the Zulus down and show them how hopeless they are. 

     Unexpectedly, our men stumbled upon the concealed Zulu impi. We fought for our lives and defended with our utmost strength, but the whole camp was in danger of being overrun. By afternoon, Zulus had captured our camp with many of the men from both sides being dead. Those spear-wielding savages had defeated the well-equipped British Army. How can that be true?

     That day was vividly the image that was carved in my brain for the next couple of days. The hatred grew in me as our remaining army sought for revenge among the Zulu warriors who cruelly killed our teammates. Chelmsford urged us in fighting them again, believing that this time will be rather successful and that we can complete them in a matter of seconds. We fired as soon as the Zulu warriors lounged in. Their attacks had grown stronger as night fell, and they kept up a constant assault against our positions, but soon they got exhausted. Commissary Dalton has made a wise decision.
     In August 1879, our revenge was reached as we captured King Cetshwayo. And for once, Zululand was finally broken up into pieces. 

     We have won our match.

     On the other side of the story were the Boers... The damned mankind who treated all blacks very badly that they didn't even care giving basic human rights to blacks who are working for them. Moreover, they made them pay taxes but disallowed them to vote. Where had justice gone to?

     I admit, we British can be greedy, wanting to take control of all southern Africa, and not just small areas which were isolated. But we are given with power, the power of authority that makes us unique and able to conquer anyone else. However, the Boers made it all difficult.
     A very tempting region indeed, where all the diamonds are located. Who wouldn't want to be the owner of those wealth?

     The Boers think that they can defeat us, but what makes them think that? Just because the Zulus won us in their first fight, that doesn't mean that they could defeat us with ease. 

     Cecil Rhodes led us. He brought the expansion to our mighty empire, and he led to our belief that Boers were evil. He was our idol, a real man who believed in his own dreams. 
     But the dream was shattered. Sadly, I was wrong about everything. The Boers were aggressive. They would do anything to fight for their land and lives, and they rose in power like a swarm of waves, and defeated us as we raided them.

     We had failed against the Boers...


     With a standing army of 40,000 disciplined warriors, we Zulus have rose and become an extremely powerful kingdom. 
     British may have been known as a empire with potential, where they've got the strong leaders who leads their kingdom through imperialism by expanding their territories. But Zulus have a better leader who lead them through history like no others. A surge of wars struck throughout the Kingdom, and it survived and defeated all other tribes. 

     Now, it is time for the British to be controlled under the hands of the Zulus. WE INVADE! WE FIGHT! AND WE SHALL WIN!!

     The war of Isandlwana.
     The British thought that they would win, with their commander brainwashing all of the British forces into believing that they are in the winning position. But they have misjudged us. And NOBODY misjudges the Zulus. NOBODY.

    They invaded us on January 11, 1879. We hid ourselves at Isandlwana along with 20,000 of my buddies. All of us waited for the signal to advance in force towards our enemy, the British. We took our powerful strike out and attacked them by surprise. We encircled them and surrounded them, leaving them no exits to escape from. Even from far away, you can sense the tension inside the circle that's making people crave for survival. This is our powerful "izimpondo zankomo," the horns of the buffalo.

     And this is how we show people what we've got when they underestimate us.

     Unfortunately, they came back for more. 

      In August, it was when everything started to fall. The British had captured our almighty king. King Cetshwayo was forced to leave. His senior Indunas had already left him a while ago when they considered that they didn't owe any allegiance to him anymore. Our King Cetshwayo has vanished again. What should we do? There's nothing left but collapse.

The text below is the script we have made for the Boer presentation. 

Cathy: Father (PEPE)                                                Holly: Brother (KING KONG QUISHA), President                    
Ingrid: Child (FRIED CHICKEN QUISHA)                      Melody: Mother (BON QUI QUI)
Amanda: Uncle/Extras (FA NAY NAY)                        Sabrina: Slave/Extra (SHA NAY NAY), Neighbor
Kyning: Slave                                                          Christine: Slave

 Scene 1

Two slaves are in the field working. Fried Chicken ' Quisha is sitting lazily in a chair. King Kong Quisha is whipping his slave to make "it" work faster. Bon Qui-Qui was doing the same to her slave too.

2 years later.
Fried Chicken ' Quisha and King Kong Quisha are working in the field.Fried Chicken ' Quisha: Why do we have to work in the field?
*Fades in* British One: How should we transport goods then? Shouldn’t we find a closer route?
British Two: Yes, yes. Indeed, a closer route would be ideal. *Fades out*
King Kong Quisha looks at the two British men who walked by and says with disgust: Because of them.

A moment later.
The family sits at a dinner table.   

Pepe: I can’t take it anymore with them stupid brits storming into our town ‘n’ taking what is ours, taking away our slaves even! How do they expect me to tend the cash crops?
Bon-Qui-Qui: I can’t even go into town without hearing about new rules they’ve made. Remember when Cape Town used to be a lovely place?
King Kong Quisha: Same in school, it’s all in English. I cannot stand another day of this torture! The land of the people, gone like that! Ridiculous!
Pepe: Listen, I have decided... We will join up with Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay to the northeast, near the Vaal River. It is said that the moronic reign hasn’t infected that area that much yet.
Bon-Qui-Qui: Oh dear Pepe, are you sure of this?! This is all so sudden!
Pepe: It is decided. We leave tomorrow morning, start packing.
Fri-Chicken Quisha: Yes Papa! lalala we’re going on a trip!!

Everybody then starts packing up. 

Scene 2

The family were tired from travelling through long distance while carrying their luggages in hand. They have reached their destination. Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay comes out to greet them.
Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay:
Pepe: Brother, thank you for taking us in. We will definitely do as much as we can!
*Pepe looks around*
Pepe: Have you lost your slaves too?
Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay: Sadly yes, those damned Brits. One even tried beating me up for not giving them my slave! See how damn greedy they are!

Scene 3

King Kong Quisha and Pepe were driving their sheep into the fences. But while they were doing that, Fri-Chicken Quisha comes in and interrupts and he plays around with sheep, poking them and pushing them.
Pepe: STOP IT FRI-CHICKEN QUISHA!! Get out of here!! Go fetch some water and stop causing trouble. Make use of yourself, brat!

Frustrated, Fri-Chicken walks to somewhere near the Orange River and  trips over a piece of shiny “rock”. 
Fri-Chicken Quisha: Oooooh! *picks it up and bring it home*

During dinner.
Fri-Chicken Quisha: LOOK? See what I found today!
King-Kong Quisha: (Before child shows it) It must be some stupid rock..
Fri-Chicken Quisha: It is not just a rock, okay? (SHOWS PARENTS)
Bon-Qui-Qui: Ohmygod, how beautiful! Dear, take a look! (SHOWS FATHER)
Pepe: Well done son, well done. (TAKES IT)

The next day.

*Bon-Qui-Qui shows diamond to her neighbours.*
Bon-Qui-Qui: See what my son found the other day near the orange river!
Neighbour: Ohmygod! That is so beautiful! Can I have it?
Bon-Qui-Qui: Well, it is just a rock after all, so yes. Here you go!

The neighbour then shows the diamond to a few other people, and this was eventually known throughout the whole village. This event is a representation of the Diamond Rush.

Scene 4

Pepe: The land that diamonds were founded is the middle of  two colonies established by Boers and Cape colonies.
Bon-Qui-Qui: Hmmmmm... Then who would get diamonds?

*BING BANNNNG BONNGGGG* There were fightings going on outside.

Fri-Chicken Quisha: (frightened face) I’m scared. 

Pepe: We are already squeezed between Cape Colony and Zululand.
Bon-Qui-Qui: It’s ok, Fri-Chicken Quisha, We will be all right.
Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay: Our Transvaal will be forever with diamonds.
Bon-Qui-Qui: Let’s get out of here. Hurry!
Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay: RUN! RUN! RUN!

*The shootings continue as all of them ran out.*

Scene 5

All of them are under a safe shelter, but the shootings were endlessly going on.

Pepe: I want to be part of it. Brits are taking too much space in MY life. HOW DARE THEY TAKE OVER US LIKE THAT! We should fight for it!
Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay: I agree, let us!!
King Kong Quisha: Let’s go!!
Pepe: Take care.

Scene 6

The scene starts with Boers fighting with the British, each on different sides.
Pepe and his wife hold signs that say “Down goes the Brits, off they go” and “Boo Kruger.” 
Fri-Chicken Quisha and Uncle Fa-Nay-Nay: BOOOOOOOO

*President Kruger takes his placard off the desk with furious face.*
President Kruger: Why did they revolt? Why did they defeat us? Why did we lost?  Why Why WHY??
*cries tearfully and leaves the scene*

*Someone stands in the middle with “Africa” name tag , surrounded by everyone with their countries’ name tag*
All of them : Let me help you *reaches out their hand towards the middle.*