19th Century Humanities

McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign

March - May 1862

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Union Casualties: 15,000 

Confederate Casualties: 19,000

       The concept behind the Peninsula Campaign is to conquer Richmond and advance Union forces into Virginia. Under the command from President Lincoln, McClellan’s army planed to defeat Confederate forces by being backed up by Union gunboats while he moved from the side. On the other hand, General Johnston from the Confederates sent troops running from sites to sites to make it seem as if their troops is larger than it actually appear like. McClellan, ordered by Washington authorities, did not take the offensive initiation with his weakened troops, and furthermore retreated to the Union base at Harrison's Landing, therefore the campaign ended in failure. No land was gained by either side so the campaign was a draw.


1)    A) Which main topic does the artifact relate to? In what ways?

             This artifact is related to Universe Through a Telescope, because after creating your own battlefield through Google sketch-up, it would be easier to look at a bigger picture, which is like a telescope, looking out into the wild, out into space. Creating the battlefield helps you realize the sort of tactics each opponents can use according to the landforms and its features. It helps you create a big picture in a way that you get to think in the attacking player's perspective. 

B) Which other main topics does it also relate to?

       This artifact can also relate to Invention, Ingenuity, and Entrepreneurs, because the invention of gunpowder can either devastate the whole troop by creating much more casualties than expected. According to the power of cannons, the casualties it can produce can span up to millions of deaths. On the positive side, it can help an army by defeating the other team faster and more efficiently, though more cruelly. 

2) Why did you choose this artifact, and how much time did you spend creating and/ or processing it?

            Google Sketch-Up is actually something new to me. This artifact is the first time I've ever used a google sketch up. It really creates a better image in your own perspective about the roundabouts on a battlefield for soldiers. I spent about two hours creating this battlefield, because google sketch-up isn't really hard to navigate. The instructions were clearly explained in the instructor's area where it's given in the tutorials. Over all, I think Google Sketch-Up is very useful in creating 3-D models. 

3) What insights and understanding have you gained from the creation and/or processing of this artifact?

            Through this artifact, I was able to have a clearer understanding of the battlefield and know how the landforms are like in battlefields, how the forts looks like, and what sorts of ways the opponents can attack through this land form. 

4) Does this artifact reflect your best work and/or ideas? Why, or why not?

             This artifact actually only gives a visual presentation without not much explanation of each structure, however it does give a very detailed depiction through the images. But in my opinion, a good artifact shows both visualization AND explanation, therefore this artifact does not reflect my best work and/or ideas.

5) Rate this artifact on a scale of -5 to 5 for the following 4 criterion:

   A) impact on the quality of your portfolio                     3

   B) Impact on your level of happiness/enjoyment           1

   C) impact on your learning                                           1

   D) Level of creativity and originality                             5

6) Any additional comments.

       3-D models gives me headaches, considering the fact that you have to look at all sorts of different angles and all the lines of geometry.