19th Century Humanities

                  Case Study Four:       Destroyer of Hope, "Roots" by Alex Haley, Meliora bankruptcy
        Case Study Five:         Grand 50 Tower , Corporations , Statistics,  American's Hunt
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Reading between indirect lines are sometimes just a way to avoid the outcome of people's lack of humility, tolerance, understanding, compassion, and such. Innuendos are used to obtain something people don't deserve. You could look at any conversation nowadays from any part of the population in any context, the amount is unbelievable. I think that says a lot about society. Bring this back to the first lesson we have learned in humanities class: Egoism vs Altruism, this concludes that people, in order to save face, intend to say words indirectly, which eventually leads to misunderstandings due to the infinite meanings of indirect language. A society based on egoism (not economically but emotionally) implies that the society is not united. We're not building mutual knowledge anymore, and this aspect is being exploited. It is also doing massive damage in building shortcuts in our thought patterns.

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What does it mean to be human?

Being human means :
  • getting educated to be a man with experience
  • taking the responsibilities to hold up your own society
  • ruling a country with peace and integrity
  • having the ability to create architecture and art
  • adapting a personality with great respect
  • containing greed and aggressiveness inside your mindset
  • knowing the complex language system to communicate with others
  • learning the history of mankind in the past
  • creating new innovations to fulfill human's desires
  • enjoy in the life of happiness
  • listening to the great pieces of music
  • admiring every masterpiece of art or painting
  • being able to make righteous decisions, both ethical and moral
  • allow yourself to think and learn all you can.

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