19th Century Humanities
  1. voice.
  2. not plagiarized
  3. perspective of my own
  1. artistic/or not.
  2. eye-catching
  3. details
  1. easily accessed.
  2. neat.
  3. easily understood.
  1. thoughtful ideas
  2. "out of the box"
  3. reflecting new ideas
  4. understanding from another unique view
  1. critical comments
  2. accuracy
  3. validity
  4. effort
  5. "looking at the big picture" 
  6. main concepts


A: Includes own voice and own style of writing with non-plagiarized paragraphs/ essays, and also has a unique individual perspective of their own.
B: has voice but vague and not very detailed. non-plagiarized paragraphs, but doesn't really have a unique perspective. too general.
C: a very vague voice, plagiarized chops of sentences, and a very general perspective.
D: no style of writing, many things were plagiarized, no perspective, just plain facts.
F: No description or elaboration of such. 


A: Extremely artistic with great details in each artwork shown, very eye-catching.
B: Neat and artistic, pretty.
C: General elaboration, not much details.
D: Lack of details and description and neatness.
F: Messy.


A: Website's overall is very neat and very easily understood. Can be navigated with ease.
B: Some complications along the way, but overall neat.
C: Confusing tabs and unnecessary links.
D: Links everywhere with no placement.
F: No sense of organization at all. Unnecessary tabs and links.


A: Thoughtful ideas everywhere, with a very unique way of analyzing information. Reflects new innovations.
B: Fairly creative.
C: Analyzes information, but general thinking.
D: No analyzing, only dull facts.
F: Shows no creativity of such and reflects none of the works.


A: Accurate information and consists of much effort in each piece of work. Reflects all perspective of every kind and specifies details and breaks them down in descriptive ways.
B: Fairly elaborated, contains details in certain areas.
C: Basic facts, main concepts only.
D: Chopped off sentences with no reflection at all.
F: Does not show work of any kind.


Knowledge, Understanding and Critical Thinking
: A :D

All the factual information is accurate and comes from a variety of sources. Vocabularies are well-developed and the research and investigation are detailed. The artifacts included different perspective and illustrated insights. It consisted of multiple ways to highlight what’s important and included critical performance skills.

Creativity: Collaboration and Individuality: B :)

The artifacts are original and unique with recognized interests and innovative solutions. There are evidences that are elaborated well and multiple talents were definitely displayed.

Use of Technology and Multimedia: B :)

The Portfolio overall demonstrated all the basic and advanced applications of platform, including media-fire, Youtube, and other existing technologies & links. The reflections and artifacts considered the impact and presentation of technology.

Structure, Organization & Design: A :D

 The Portfolio displayed all 17 artifacts though one was incomplete. The order and structure are easily navigated, allowing the viewer to find their own interpretations of the information with ease. Many links were displayed that showed meaningful connections between artifacts.

Effort and Enjoyment: B :)

The details in the Portfolio were quite well elaborated with evidence of effort. The Portfolio clearly shows how well the student had articulated information in their own way and had also made good use of time while processing these artifacts.