19th Century Humanities

While you play the first Youtube video, click the play button on the second Youtube video too, so you can see the better quality version of the Google Earth Tour and listen to the soundtrack at the same time. The first video does not have a soundtrack. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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1)    A) Which main topic does the artifact relate to? In what ways?

                     This artifact relates to Universe through Microscope, because Google Earth Tour  acts like a microscope, literally looking down on the tracks of Lewis and Clark's Expedition. As you can see in the Google Earth Tour, the trial spans from the east of the nation to the west in the Pacific. With Google Earth, it will allow readers to have a better grasp of how far of distance Lewis and Clark actually traveled. At the same time, it's not only just looking at a simple video, but also examining their tracks, the thick and thin they went through, just as if you're examining and observing the object from below the microscope.

       B) Which other main topics does it also relate to?

               This artifact can also relate to Communication and Transportation Revolution, because good communications with the natives had both helped and harmed Lewis and Clark during their expedition. Transportation partially came from communication. For example, Lewis and Clark gained horses to travel on while they were in the territory of the Shoshone Tribe, with one of the members who can actually communicate with them because of their relations.

2) Why did you choose this artifact, and how much time did you spend creating and/ or processing it?

                     I chose to make a Google Earth Tour because I believe it's the best way to illustrate things such as trails in expedition like that of Lewis and Clark's.

3) What insights and understanding have you gained from the creation and/or processing of this artifact?

                     Through this artifact, I found out about the tough spots and locations that Lewis and Clark had encountered. They had not only made their encounter with the Indians difficult because of trespassing their territory, but also of the landforms they had to pass through during their way to the west. 

4) Does this artifact reflect your best work and/or ideas? Why, or why not?

                     This artifact does reflect my best work because it provides space for me to explain the locations in details of my own and through my own thoughts. It doesn't limit me. The Google Earth Tour also allows me to refer to other places, and also to give a reference to the distance Lewis and Clark had traveled through.

5) Rate this artifact on a scale of -5 to 5 for the following 4 criterion:

   A) impact on the quality of your portfolio                       3

   B) Impact on your level of happiness/enjoyment             2

   C) impact on your learning                                             2

   D) Level of creativity and originality                               4

6) Any additional comments.

                      I apologize for the inconvenience. Apparently, it had took me hours and hours to upload, but some ways didn't work, and this is the best I tried to come up with. Please bare with it : )