19th Century Humanities

Assasination of Abraham Lincoln



1)    A) Which main topic does the artifact relate to? In what ways?      

                This artifact relates to Nationalism and Liberalism: Creation of the Nation-State, because Abraham Lincoln represents Liberalism, the want of creating equal rights for every single person living in America, especially the slaves. He also represents Nationalism because he wanted the best for his country, believing that once slavery is abolished, the country will then be in peace. However, his reaction caused the creation of the nation-state: the Confederates. These are the people who didn't want to get involved in any sorts of political analysis of why slavery should or should not be abolished. Even though the Confederates do not count as a nation, but it is still called the Confederate States because of the many states in the south that combined together so they are not in the picture of slavery, but this did not exclude them out of the picture. They were aiding both the north and the south while the government was hunting down the person who assassinated the head of the abolitionists, Abraham Lincoln.

B) Which other main topics does it also relate to?

          This artifact can also relate to Race Relations: Abolition, Segregation, and Anti-semitism. After all, Abraham Lincoln himself is an abolitionist who has always strove to abolish slavery in this nation. The way how the country and nation is divided is caused by race relations, the north and the south. The North and South conflicted on the topic of slavery, and the question of whether to abolish it or not. 

2) Why did you choose this artifact, and how much time did you spend creating and/ or processing it?

                 I chose to watch the video and write an idea page for this particular artifact because I believe that the assassination of Abraham Lincoln had a major impact on the whole case study, considering the influences this event had made on future decisions. I took about three hours creating and processing this artifact because only watching the video took me about two or more hours, considering the fact that I have slow internet, and that the video loads extremely slow. 

3) What insights and understanding have you gained from the creation and/or processing of this artifact?

                  In this artifact, I had finally realized how much impact the assassination of Abraham Lincoln had on the society. Little did I know how people's minds have changed after this incident, because at the beginning, almost the whole nation hated him. But after watching this video, I noticed that people only realize the significance of something after they lost it, and by then, they will start regretting the things they have done. 

4) Does this artifact reflect your best work and/or ideas? Why, or why not?

                   This artifact does reflect my best work because it allows me to write down my ideas in my own words and add in a couple of illustration of my own that I think is related to the topic.

5) Rate this artifact on a scale of -5 to 5 for the following 4 criterion:

   A) impact on the quality of your portfolio                     3

   B) Impact on your level of happiness/enjoyment           4

   C) impact on your learning                                           3

   D) Level of creativity and originality                             2

6) Any additional comments.