19th Century Humanities

Sandwich Democracy


        What are the different structures and policies that a democratic government have? How do people react to their government systems? What types of policies, governmental tactics, and protocols structurize a strong, firm government? What is a strong government made up of?


      Avoiding uncreative project ideas, we will be working on a 3D sandwich model, where different layers of the sandwich will represent a different aspect of the government system. For example, in the bottom layer of the sandwich, we can organize the laws and policies that each government has into different columns or into charts, which we can make comparisons. Then on the middle layer where additional food materials are placed such as tomatoes, we can have explanations of the different branches of the government. Last but not least, on the lettuce, we can specify the details of the government issues. Finally, on the top of the sandwich, we can clarify the various ways that the government deals with their economy and education.


        For the 3D model, we will be needing a scissor or an art designing knife along with a strawboard for the base of the whole structure. As for the tomatoes, we can use recycling containers and wrap it with construction papers so we can write down our information on it with permanent markers.

Time Frame

        This 3D model project will possibly take us one whole month or more to work on it, since we will be looking for quality, we would need to elaborate on our designs and concision of the details. Each week, we will focus on one layer, and as we work our way up the layers, we can add additional sketches along the borders of the model to make it seem more developed and completed.


        Creating this project can urge us in having a better understanding of the details in each branch of the government, and moreover, it can help us visualize how the similarities and differences can be beneficial or harmful to the country itself. Furthermore, the model itself allows us to challenge ourselves in drafting 3D designs that requires accurate mathematical calculations. In addition, b
y creating our Democratic Sandwich, we’re able to learn the bits and pieces of a myriad of different aspects of democracy. Having many different “layers” for us to research enables us to not only learn about the surface of democracy but further allows us to dig for a deeper meaning of what democracy actually is. Our creation of an advertisement and advertising our sandwich gives us an opportunity to not only put what we know about public-relations to use but it also allows us to get even more critical and think of ways a democracy is beneficial to a country. The process of actually making the 3D sandwich allows us to exercise our creative and artistic abilities. With our Democratic Sandwich is a project equipped with a chance to bring out techniques and abilities we’re already good at, yet it also allows us to dig deeper and swim further to learn and grasp areas we didn’t know about or understand.

Collaborated by: Sabrina, Kyning, Vivian, and Ingrid