19th Century Humanities

Jacobins Continues Seeking Power 
in the Nation

            After a few fruitless months under the "weak and ineffective" Committee of Public Safety, the sans-culottes finally reached their boiling point. Yesterday, the Jacobins stormed the National Convention and accused the Girondins of representing the aristocracy. With this, the leader of the Jacobins was able to harness the fury of the sans-culottes and take control of the convention while banishing the Girodins and installing their power into the heart of the nation's politics. Once again, the sans-culottes proved to be a formidable force and will be able to take advantage of this stength at every possible onward opportunity.

The 'Revival' of the Grand Fear Climax

        Decisions were made yesterday by the Committee of Public Safety to execute leading members of the Terror. Triggered by the conspiratorial groups, the Girondins,  and many who conspired against Maximilien Robespierre, the decision had made the Committee of Public Safety agree on consensus of the execution of the many Robespierre's cohorts, including Robespierre himself.

        Thermidor represents the final throes of the Reign of Terror. It was the second time in two years that executions begin to get involve with the French Revolution. The remaining period is estimated to be streamed with continual fear of fate under the blades of the guillotine. Likely to be convicted and executed for treason and atheism, leading members of the Reign of Terror awaits for the improbable overturn of their destiny of death in this era of Thermidorian Reaction.